I truly believe that if not for exposure, I would not exist on this path today. That very day as a 16-year-old single mother, renting my first apartment from a real estate investor, gave me an opportunity to work for the company as a receptionist after school. With that door open, I took full advantage of the situation, absorbing every piece of wisdom from each experience that followed. From these experiences, I would learn how to become a loan processor, loan officer, investor, home designer, self-made hustler and consequently a SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR.

It is my intention to give back to as many young girls as I can and so I am working with The Lotus Initiative, a 501c3 nonprofit with plans to empower and uplift our women folk, one girl at a time. This is the true legacy I want to be known for – how many lives I was able to make an impression on.

Join me in the crusade to EXPOSE ONE GIRL AT A TIME. Please click below to visit my nonprofit site and sign up to become a mentor or volunteer. We are always looking for businesses that allow our girls to do “Discoverships” which are in essence, one or two-day internships to help them on the path to discovering the right career.

Thank you in advance for giving of yourself.

Best Regards,

Tiffany Simone.