Tiffany Simone this self-made Serial Entrepreneur hailing from New York and rooted to Atlanta in the early 80’s this Peach with an Apple core, overcame countless numbers of tragic stories giving her seasons of testimonies that she hopes to share and transform lives all over the world. Tiffany Simone started at the tender age of 17 learning the ropes of Mortgage banking, investing and flipping houses.

That exposure she was gifted and allowed her to catapult into an successful real estate career in 2003 and becoming a real-estate broker in 2006 launching her own brokerage, where she broadened her portfolio with builder accounts, Bulk acquisition and international Development. This quiet storm has decided in 2018 it is time to surrender to her purpose and obey the calling that has so been ordained to do and fulfill her assignment from GOD. Tiffany’s most fulfilling job is the one she shares through her nonprofit The Lotus Initiative where she strives to touch as many girls and expose them to a life beyond their current circumstances.

With her next chapter in life she plans to soar to becoming the most sought after, highest paid ever inspirational, motivational,spiritual speaker of the entire world.

Tiffany Simone Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret that will soon be a household name all over the world! Yes indeed I overcame many tragic stories. As I struggled running from this calling and becoming closer to my assignment and God. I realized something was going on very wrong, was I knocking on the door to sadness again? I was the happiest I had ever been, God blessed me with the best man in the world. My children were good. My business soaring, I’m just happy, so much joy in my heart. But I struggled every day, I did not have that ready set go attitude.

The feeling that I had on many of days that I could conquer the world. I felt a sense of emptiness, I felt as if something was missing. Even my fiance’ asked me baby are you depressed? I shouted absolutely not, I’m not depressed, and I was not. I knew that dark place all too well. One day I ran into and old associate they said I thought you would be the next Paula white by now. I just knew I would be seeing you on TV or billboards by now. Girl you know that this is not the calling you want to ignore. Some have been called you have been called and chosen, Stop running you will run weary. So at that moment I realized what I already knew, I was not fulfilling my direct assignment, I was not walking in my purpose that which I endured all the tragedies for.

I was constantly running on the inside so there for my body felt drained and so did my brain, I felt so weak. I had to make a decision to surrender and surrender fast. I had to infuse myself with constant self-development of what God was about to do to me and for me. This would not be a change this would be a transformation and through it I would lose people, places and things, but beyond it I would gain my full purpose, my mission, my fullness, my joy. Each day I live I try my best to live a full life and be a blessing to somebody, somewhere.