What gave me hope during those hellish moments of my tragic childhood were those fantasies that played over and over in my head. You know the ones where Prince charming comes to my rescue and we drive off into the sunset and live happily ever after? Those images of magical love and the perfect family were a far cry from the very dysfunctional reality I was living. But my reality didn’t dampen my hope.

I still had the will to conjure up thoughts of better days. Until that fateful day when sexual abuse at the hands of my aunt’s husband would kill what was left of my hope. Hopeless, with my innocence destroyed, I embarked on my life’s journey, not knowing it was The Wrong Way. My moral GPS led me down a painful path filled with roadblocks and speed bumps, accidents and dead ends. 

I questioned my life, my faith, and my God. Life’s tragedies, along with the endless swirl of questions, can truly make a sane person crazy.

Or, it can take you down another path and fortify your character with strength, optimism and resilience.